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This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of how we process your personal data and of your rights arising therefrom.

In connection with the use of the site, your personal data may be collected in several ways.

Contact form

When sending a message via the contact form on the site, the following information is collected: name, email, address, telephone and message. They are stored in a secure folder in

Newsletter - News

When you subscribe to our newsletter, your email is required. The subscription is voluntary and is not bound by the right to use the site. The information collected through the subscription form is processed, stored and protected through the email marketing platform. Data is not disclosed to third parties.


When you visit, we collect aggregate information about you by using cookies. Cookies are small files of information that are stored on your internet browser or hard drive when you visit the site.

The cookies we use:

  1. session cookies;
  2. a cookie for measuring internet traffic;

You can set your web browser to not save cookies or delete previously stored cookies. If you would like to take advantage of these features, please read the documentation on your web browser or read the settings. is not responsible if your web browser does not support the functions to control usage, refusal to save or delete stored cookies.

Measure traffic through Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the main tools we use to track traffic to our blog and audience profile. The Google platform collects a wide variety of data that we have no control over, but can monitor and analyze. This includes gender, age, location, interests, and more. We only have access to them in aggregate form and in no way can we identify exactly from the users what pages they viewed and what else they did. We use this information to draw basic conclusions, such as what percentage of our visitors are in Bulgaria or other countries, or what are our most visited pages.

Like most websites, we use this information to make our site more efficient. You can learn more about Google Analytics or opt out if you wish. Learn more about how Google uses cookies.

Consumer rights

As a user you have the following rights regarding personal data:

  1. You have the right of easy access to the data that is collected for you. This includes providing more information about data processing and ensuring that this information is available in a clear and comprehensible manner. The right to know when personal data has been subject to external penetration.
  2. Right of erasure ("right to be forgotten"). When an individual no longer wants their data processed and there is no legitimate reason for the data to be stored, the data will be deleted.