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a gourmet mixture of organic honey with creamy texture associated with the delicate flavor of Bulgarian rose.

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Rosova is the result of our desire to unite in one spoon the purity of our balkan honeys and the symbol of Bulgaria. A perfect balance between our Stara Planina acacia honey and freeze-dried rose petals from the famous Rose Valley.

An organic honey with creamy texture associated with the delicate flavor of Bulgarian rose - discover Rosova exclusively on our online shop or in gourmet stores (delicatessen) !

Rosova sublimates your sweet or savory recipes, and can be enjoyed directly with a spoon, a cup of black tea or herbal tea, or a slice of bread.

Finally, in perfect unison with the preciousness of the Bulgarian rose, Rosova is presented in a high-end and tastefully decorated box.

Снимка на мед - Розова
Снимка на мед - Розова

"Au delà de la subtilité de saveurs à découvrir à travers Rosova, j’ai décidé d’accompagner l’équipe Lavilà pour partager une histoire et un terroir. Avec une texture fondante et onctueuse, il s’agit pour moi d’une inspiration culinaire imprégnée du terroir bulgare." - chef Frédéric Jaunault

Inspiré par la délicatesse de ce produit et séduit par notre démarche quasi militante pour la gastronomie bulgare, le chef MOF Primeur ( meilleur ouvrier de France 2011) Frédéric Jaunault nous accompagne dans le lancement de Rosova.

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Creamy honey enriched with the delicate flavor of the Bulgarian rose. Rosova seasons your sweet and savory recipes. To be used directly by the spoon, on a slice of bread, as well as in black or herbal tea, topping on yoghurt or ice cream.

Rosova seduced the well-known French professional chefs, including the famous Frederic Jaunault.

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Lavila is first and foremost a story of childhood. Growing up in the 90s in Bulgaria was synonymous with long weekends and holidays in the countryside with grandparents. These figures who still knew how to cultivate the earth with love and pass on this passion to the curious children. Thus, we had the chance to know the delights of a pure nature, resulting from the careful work of the farmers of the village and a honey of unparalleled sweetness ... What beautiful memories !

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In terms of gastronomy, the eyes (too) often fly over a part of Europe, when looking towards the sunrise.

And yet, in the east, on the Balkan peninsula, is situated a charming country, which lies at the crossroads of a vast cultural mix, giving rise to the country’s local gastronomy. Welcome to Bulgaria!

The brand Lavilà is born from the desire to make accessible to the seasoned puck of the French and other fine gourmets of the world, the wealth of the Bulgarian soils.

Three young entrepreneurs are immersing themselves in the gastronomic scene by offering exclusively organic honeys with both familiar and surprising flavors, as well as a growing range of other Bulgarian gourmet products, salty and sweet.

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Crossed by the Balkan Mountains, lined by the Danube and cradled by the Black Sea, Bulgaria has preserved its natural diversity over time. Thus, we are proud to present you the precious gifts of this nature, sublimated by the careful work of Bulgarian farmers.

Lavila products are carefully prepared in proximity to the place of harvest.

Thus, we guarantee you a natural and unaltered taste. We use ancestral methods combined with new technologies to ensure perfect traceability for a healthy and delicious product.

Bulgaria has a natural and cultural wealth, often in the shadow of larger countries, which deserves to be better known. Is not gastronomy the clearest expression of a country's culture?

"By creating Lavilà, we wanted to honor the pure flavors of our childhood and to (re) introduce the Bulgarian products from a gourmet and precious angle."


Kalina Kamara

Co-Founder & Director

The passion for cooking and the fruits of the earth was passed on to her by her grandmother as a child. Today, through Lavila, Kalina wishes to pay homage to her heritage, armed with a strong experience in the luxury sector in France and marketing.

Elitsa Arsova

Associate & PR

Through her artistic work and her many travels, Elitsa has often had homesickness. Sad to note the lack of Bulgarian products and culture in the stores and the gourmet sector, joining her friends in the Lavila project was an obvious and passionate decision.


Dr Daniel Kamara


An everyday doctor and entrepreneur in his spare time, Daniel is a pillar in the Lavila project. He accompanies his sister and his friend in the creation of a family brand with a mission that is close to his heart.

Lavila symbol Who is Frederic Jaunault ? Lavila symbol
Kalina and Elitsa with chef Janault

Frédéric JAUNAULT's professional career is of a person who knows how to cook, create, but also share his know-how. Frederic has a special attitude toward natural products and is able to recognize and sublimate their qualities. A passion inherited from his grandfather, who was a farmer and wholesaler at Les Halles in Paris, and from his father, a professional cook.

After successes as an international chef in Paris, New York, Bermuda, and well-known restaurants such as Le Concorde Lafayette, Ledoyen, Plazza Athénée, Le Normandie in Deauville, Bernard Loiseau le Picardy in Le Touquet ... he decided in 1996 to give a new orientation to his career, to create the workshops of Fraich'attitude.

After receiving several international awards for fruits and vegetables sculptures, in 2011 he won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the category "Fruits and vegetables". Awards and honors do not stop there, and he has received numerous titles, including: Senator of the Republic of Montmartre, international ambassador for the disciplines of Escoffier, silver medal of Paris, member and partner of Eurotoques, medal of the President of the Republic, three-time champion in barbecue in France , a gold medal and member of the French Chefs Society.

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